17 January 2016

MIZON Water Volume EX Cream

I wondered what was my final feeling about what I want to describe today. At the beginning I was convinced that everything is great; then I realized that something was a bit off. However I eventually reached a balance in the assessment and I can write a few words about MIZON Water Volume EX Cream.

For some time now I’ve been looking for a good daily moisturizer and it has to be something light, preferably gel texture or close to it. Long time ago, there was an Olay gel moisturizer… No longer to be found...

7 January 2016

TesterKorea mini haul

I’m beginning New Year with an addition of new cosmetics to the test list :) I couldn’t resist promo price of one product I saw on TesterKorea... and it’s obvious it couldn’t end with just one; besides it’s a long way from South Korea so it makes no sense buying just one thing :D

Today, I’m only briefly describing each of the products. Reviews on them will appear gradually in the near future. Sorry for poor quality of the first photo but I couldn’t wait to unpack the package, so it’s possible my hand was shaky ;)