30 December 2015

Missha M Radiance Two-Way Pact SPF27/PA ++

I'm not a big fan of matte finish make-up or matte looking skin in general. Sometimes, however, it’s needed to add more layers onto our faces and then compact powders come in handy. I need to mention that I do it only when I have to be outside and need a new layer of sun protection. It would be hard to freshen it up with make-up already on but fortunately there are some products we can use without destroying aforementioned make-up.A few months ago I came across a pact of well-known Korean brand Missha, which made me happy because the colour turned out to be perfect, and I thought that if it didn't fall to my liking during winter, I'd probably use it during summer, to mattify some too greasy sunscreen :)

16 December 2015

Update: Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm VIP Gold Collection BB Cream SPF30 (new version)

Today a quick update on one of previous post. I mentioned I wanted to get it and luckily one of my friends had some samples of it to share with me. Well, I'm highly disappointed…

15 December 2015

Tonymoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

Have you ever had a problem with ditching some cosmetics, although they don’t serve you particularly well or/either you couldn’t see any positive results? I’ve had a problem with one, but a few days ago I finally realized that the time has come to say goodbye, in spite of many second chances I gave it. Today a few words about the "magic" mask TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic Massage Pack.

9 December 2015

bareMinerals Tinted Complexion Rescue ™ Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30 PA +++

I was very curious about this product before it was physically available. I had a few loose mineral powders of the same brand and I liked them, even though they work better for dry/normal skin than my combination one. Therefore, I waited for the moment when I could try bareMinerals Tinted Complexion Rescue ™ Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30 PA +++

6 December 2015

Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm VIP Gold Collection BB Cream SPF25 PA ++

I’m not making any discoveries in today's post, but still I’ll share my feelings about the product below. I'm not a fan of liquid foundations... Specifically, my skin isn’t a fan of them. There’s always a problem - the impossibility of selecting the right colour, consistency is too heavy, too much opacity, clogged pores and so on. That's why I fell in love with BB creams, Korean BB creams, to be exact. Despite their relatively small colour selection is a lot easier for me to choose something for myself. I'm sure, that those of you who have ever walked the path of Korean BB agree with me that (initially) some of the colours are a little off-putting and it’s hard to believe that something of beige-gray hue is able to adapt to the colour of skin matched to eg. MAC NC 15 -20. However, it is possible.

2 December 2015

MIZON Snail Repair EX Cream

Korean subject continues today and this is truly a reviewers' bottomless pit. With my each purchase I have another one already planned because either I get another sample from my hauls or I bump into something that catches my attention. People who shops for cosmetics on Korean sites understand my problem... Today I want to tell you about something I had no intentions to get, yet ended up in my hands.

MIZON Snail Cream Repair EX got me interested mostly because of the famed snail slime. I was hoping also for a light, non-greasy texture (my combination skin doesn’t tolerate anything creamy as a day cream) and good hydration. This cream is supposed to be the ultimate solution to all skin problems, but I wouldn’t go that far in making promises. There is no such thing, for everything and/or everyone. However, after some two months of using it I'm happy with the choice.

25 November 2015

3W CLINIC Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50+/PA+++

Well, it's good I didn't rest on my laurels in search of the perfect high protection SPF product, the previous post explains why ... There is always something that could be more perfect than it already is;) I have another product in store, maybe even a little better than Rohto Hada-Labo. Although summer is long behind us, protection against UVA / UVB rays is still my priority. I'm currently using Korean 3W CLINIC Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50 + / PA +++ and I admit that it's good.

Rohto Hada-Labo UV Creamy Gel SPF 50/PA ++++

As a devoted supporter of AHA peels I obey religiously protection against UVA / UVB rays, at least for some time now. I don't think I'm alone in finding it quite hard to get a really good UV face sunscreen, which wouldn't make us looking like ghosts and as shiny as Christmas tree lights. So far, my search for the ideal one is still ongoing, although I have some temporary favourite ones. A good sunscreen is a really problematic thing... Photostable, not too heavy (well, after all makeup must somehow stay put), good texture, resistant to moisture and so on. I can continue listing my expectations but that's not the point as each of us has some requirements about the above. It's well known that the sunscreens are divided into chemical and physical ones - I need to point out that I'm not a fan of the chemical ones, as they can give me a nasty irritation around my eyes. Chemical sunscreens are designed to absorb UV radiation, while physical to reflect or scatter, so that nothing uncool manages to penetrate our skin and cause damage. My perfect sunblock would be a physical one then but there's a big problem - white face. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide used in such products are photostable (hurray), but they are not durable and must be used in combination with other substances, for example chemical ingredients or silica. The texture of physical sunblocks is often too thick and the undesired effect of a white face as a bonus. Everyone picks a anti-UV product suiting their needs and skin type, there is something seeming perfect for everyone. I personally focus on the high SPF protection, light texture and physical filters on the ingredients list. Let's get to the details. The temporary favourite No. 1.

10 November 2015

Lefrosch Pilarix Krem Mocznikowy

Lefrosch Pilarix Urea Cream is my number one when it comes to care for very dry skin. I always have it in store. I found it quite a few years ago by pure chance, on one of the forums for people struggling with psoriasis and I really hope that it will never stop being produced. The description on the packaging says about roughness elimination, accelerating the regeneration of the skin and an intense moisturization. All above is very true!

8 November 2015

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion

For a moment, I'll stay in the AHAs subject, which is definitely my number one skin care staple. While for my face I only use makeshift potions, then for the body sometimes I look for ready products. There's one simple reason, often making bigger amount of lotion doesn't pay off, unless your skin has special needs. It happened a couple of times that I made my own body lotion (containing AHAs, of course!), But shortly after that I found equally well-functioning drugstore products, so temporarily I gave up on doing it in favour of reading INCI lists. Of course, from time to time I do whole body acid peels, but the current autumn / winter time I'm devoting to the use of a lotion I want to write about today.

1 November 2015

Trio idealne - kwas glikolowy, hialuronowy i olej jojoba

Autumn is the perfect season for the AHA acids use. My adventure with them began around seven years ago and there's no end to it in sight. I love AHA toners and peels boundlessly but don't want to write only about that. Acids became my starting point for exploration of interesting, good, simple and mostly inexpensive cosmetics that would meet the needs of my skin. That's it. It started with sunburn patches, then melasma came along - hence the idea of ​​exfoliation.

30 October 2015


Thursday. It's raining. Have just created my blog. There's a chance that my years of various formulas testing might be helpful to someone - AHA acids, post-peel skin regeneration, unrequited love for foundations, Korean BB creams and probably few other things I've been going through. It's worth mentioning I'm not in any way affiliated with medicine, chemistry and that sort of line of work. I do however read INCI lists and consider pros and cons before slapping anything onto my face. I do everything on my own responsibility and (so far) nothing horrible has happened (errm, maybe except for stripping colour off my hair n times but that's a whole different story :-D). That’ll do for starters. Details follow soon ;-)


Czwartek. Pada. Zakładam bloga. Jest szansa, że lata testowania na własnej skórze różnych mazideł może się komuś przydać. Kwasy, regeneracja pokwasowa, miłość (bez wzajemności) do podkładów, kremy BB (Korea! Tak!) i jeszcze pewnie parę rzeczy by się znalazło. Zaznaczam, iż medykiem, chemikiem czy innym -ikiem nie jestem, aczkolwiek czytam składy kosmetyków i rozważam “za i przeciw” zanim poddam skórę próbie ognia. Wszystko robię na własną odpowiedzialność i (póki co) nic strasznego się nie wydarzyło (no, może poza ściąganiem koloru z włosów n-razy ale to zupełnie inna historia 😂).
Tyle tytułem wstępu. Szczegóły wkrótce 😉